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This isnt my first time ordering from Steroid.biz and definitely wont be my last. They definitely have improved on pretty much everything,especially the time of arrival for my orders.

The first time I ordered from Steroid.biz, even though it was a few years ago,it took about a month at least for me to get my order. I even forgot that I ordered from them. One day my order arrived and it definitely was well worth the wait.

Test E Dragon Pharma and Deca 300 Dragon Pharma. That was an old order so I will just cut to the chase and say I couldnt have got better gains from it. Better than I expected. Strength wise,size,volumization everything was just as good as you could expect and everybody knew that I was juicing but I got compliments from everybody practically. It made me not only look better,got stronger and stronger with every workout but it always made me want to do nothing but workout. Sex drive was so high that even grandma next door was looking good. I felt like hitting the dusty muffin. Anyway, about 2 months ago, I made my last order with Steroid.biz.

I ordered:

Just to test them out because these are 2 labs that I have never tried before. Not doing any research beforehand, I did some afterwords and read nothing but bad reviews about Dragon Pharma with people saying they are a fake lab that either sells bunk gear or very underdosed. I started thinking I made a mistake and noticed that most people ordering from Steroid.biz are ordering Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. I tried Kalpa before and even though it was from a different source, I made OK gains from it.

So I contacted Steroid.biz customer service trying to change my order from Dragon Pharma to Kalpa but they said it was too late because my order was already processed and sent. Ok, Understandable, so at this point I figured I probably just wasted some money but at least not much. I also forgot that it was Steroid.biz that I was ordering from and they wont sell you anything that is junk, They stand by what they sell and test everything before it goes to the market and yet more proof that you cant believe everything you read on the internet. You got haters out there. You got people competing with others and don’t want you to buy anything but their gear. You all know the story.

So I start using this Dragon Pharma and British Dragon Gear that I get about a month -month and a half ago. I’m already starting to feel the difference within about the first week. Morning wood hard enough to cut a diamond and I’m even trying to hit on my own probation officer (at least its a female).

Strength is going up and up with every workout and I’m wanting to spend more time in the gym, muscle is getting fuller and tighter, veins popping out looking like a road map, shirts and pants are getting tighter even though bodyfat is dropping. I couldn’t be more impressed. I would say its almost as good as pharmaceutical grade and just as good if not even a little better than Kalpa. I would order Dragon Pharma again, no problem. I would encourage others to try it out as well.

I’m not going to beat a dead horse. everybody already knows how reliable Steroid.biz is, How good their gear is. Just order with a very easy process, kick back and don’t worry about a thing. You’ll get what you order and it is well worth it. I’m ordering again soon.

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