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Primo Tabs

  • Drug Type: Anabolic Steroidal Agent
  • Pharmaceutical Name: Methenolone Acetate
  • Trade Name: Primo Tabs
  • Strength: 30 mg/tablet
  • Biological Half-Life: 4 – 6 Hours
  • Liver Side Effects: Low
  • Aromatization: None
  • Anabolic Rate: 88%
  • Androgenic Rate: 44-57%
  • Chemical Formula: C27H42O3
  • Chemical Molecular Mass: 414.621 g/mol
  • Systematic Name: (5α,17β)-1-Methyl-3-oxoandrost-1-en-17-yl heptanoate
  • Package: 50 Tablets in Sachet
Primo Tabs by Dragon Pharmaceuticals

Primo Tabs by Dragon Pharmaceuticals

Primo Tabs (still known among athletes as Methenolone) is the newest drug that can now be bought, with a weak androgenic index, which in this case has an anabolic effect.

To date, Primo Tabs are one of the few drugs that are active in a diet low in calories. Unlike Methandienone, when Primo Tabs are used, fat burns and muscle mass is accumulated, which makes this drug particularly attractive in use by women. Primo Tabs are one of the few steroids with which women can experiment without risk to themselves. When taking this drug, there is no rapid growth of muscle tissue, weight and strength increase, which is why it is prescribed for long period use, in order to obtain a gradual qualitative increase in muscles that will be preserved after the end of the cycle. Therefore, for those who want to buy Primo Tabs there is no release.

The anabolic effect of Primo Tabs is relatively mild, which is why, based on the feedback of athletes using this medication, it is often used for cutting purposes in order to not gain muscle mass, but to save it and get a beautiful relief. This drug practically does not cause side effects, it does not use substances that promote aromatization, it does not accumulate water, and the androgenic effect is very weak. Often Primo Tabs are used on the eve of a competition.

Primo Tabs Contraindications

Like any other anabolic drug, Primo Tabs has contraindications:

  • period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • oncological diseases;
  • hepatitis and all other liver diseases.

Primo Tabs Dosage

Having decided to buy Primo Tabs, study the recommended dosage of this drug recommended by specialists and manufacturer:

  • Women 50-100 mg per day;
  • Men 100-150 mg per day.


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